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5 a.m. Breakfast Blend

Wake up energized; it’s time to feel refreshed. Our Breakfast Blend boasts the dark cocoa and earthy goodness you need to get your morning started on the right foot. Constructed with only the finest Colombian and Guatemalan coffee beans, you’ll taste the difference in every sip. Welcome yourself to deep and rich chocolate flavors that combine perfectly with a robust richness in every cup. A new day is here, let’s seize it together.

Tasting Notes : Bold, Dark Chocolate, Cocoa.

Summer Harvest Blend

You can have summer in any season. Hot or cold, our Summer Harvest Blend will captivate you with every cup. The notes of tropical fruit are sure to brighten any morning and add fuel to your mind. Lively Guatemalan beans, mellow Honduras flavor, and a medium roast will take you down a path of citrusy goodness. It’s your coffee – have it your way.
Tasting Notes : Tropical Fruits, Pineapple, Peaches, Stone Fruit.

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Ambrosia Blend

A blend that combines exquisite, floral, and overall delicate flavors of Guatemalan and Ethiopian coffee, our Ambrosia Blend is richness at its finest. With vibrant notes of sweet, floral varieties, this medium-roast blend exudes ethereal flavors to compliment your self-indulgence day. One cup or three? Let your taste buds indulge and your senses awaken to a captivating aroma each morning.
Tasting Notes : Sweet, Floral.

Seattle Blend

The perfect combination of Sumatran and Colombian coffees shines through in our Seattle Blend. We set out to show off Seattle’s charismatic prowess and history via this fine brew. This blend has a dark-roasted, captivating aroma with an earthy lingering finish. A coffee that was absolutely created with avid coffee drinkers in mind. Our Seattle Blend is sure to please your palette.
Flavor Notes : Earthy, Tobacco.

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After Hours Dinner Blend

Unwind, relax, and enjoy. Break free from the norm with our After Hours Dinner Blend. Boasting a sweet and malty flavor that is further enhanced with a smokey aromatic piquancy, this brew pairs perfectly with any whiskey of your choosing. Impress your guests or use it as a nightcap –– the choice is yours and yours alone. Our After Hours Blend is made from 100% select Colombian Arabica whole beans. We promise it will be distinctive, memorable, and a sure favorite for any coffee connoisseur.
Flavor Notes: Sweet, Malty, Whiskey, Smokey, Aromatic.

Single Origins


Rodrigo Sanchez has devoted his life to developing the finest methods for growing and processing specialty coffee. Growing coffee is a multi-generational legacy that Sanchez inherited from his family. To this day, Sanchez has been harvesting from the same coffee trees that were planted by his grandfather in the 1980s. At the Finca Monteblanco Farm, you can find Sanchez and his team utilizing specific techniques to cultivate the best coffee beans yearlong. We are proud of our providers like Rodrigo, who work so hard to provide us with the coffee we love.


This thoroughly washed Caturra, Castillo varietal is grown in high altitudes of 1,500 meters from the region of Huila, Colombia. The unique microclimates and growing conditions lend to its balanced flavor, nuanced sweetness, and pair well with its subtle hints of tropical fruit. Agriculture thrives here and it shows. Coffee crops are prized as the national pride of the region, smallholder farms from Huila are recognized for their attentive, meticulous practices in coffee growing and processing. Their efforts allow them to produce what we consider to be some of the best coffee you can find on our beautiful planet.

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